Family Profile

How to use the family profile
Written by Robert
Updated 2 years ago

KidKeeper uses families for children. With families you get to group parents/guardians, children and contacts together to use throughout the program.

Family Name

The family name is shown at the top of the of the above image ("Frozen" in this case)

  • Clicking on the family name at the top you can change the name to anything you like, as long as it makes sense to you.

  • When adding a new family it will default to the Last Name.

Left Side Menu

  • The menu on the left side of the screen is how you navigate, clicking on a name will bring up that persons information.

  • Clicking the plus sign next to parent/guardians, children or contacts will allow you to add a new person associated with this family.

  • Calendar shows any events that have been associated with the children in this family.

  • Invoices will show paid and unpaid invoices associated with this family.

  • Family Settings will allow you to change settings with the family.

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